Fire Roasted Drunken Bison Chili Recipe
  1. Mix Beer, Chipotle Sauce (1/4, 1/2, or 1 can depending on how hot you want it), Instant Coffee, Red Miso Paste and Lemon Juice.
  2. Do not trim fat from Bison Brisket, Chuck Roast or Short Ribs. Rub with balsamic vinegar, pat with 2 tbsp. RCB Chili Seasoning (reserve the rest.)
  3. Sear Bison Brisket, Chuck Roast or Short Ribs in Olive Oil.
  4. Add Bison Brisket, Chuck Roast or Short plus the beer mixture from step number 1 plus an additional tbsp of RCB Chili Seasoning to an Instant Pot or Slow Cooker.
  5. If using an Instant Pot cook on manual high pressure for 60 minutes and allow it to naturally release the pressure. If using a slow cooker cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  6. In the meantime wash and roast your veggies. Remove stems from peppers, remove skin from onions, shallots and tomatillas, trim roots from green onions, but leave the garlic in husks. Lightly brush vegetables with olive oil if desired or put them directly on the grill without oil. Place vegetable on grill at medium heat with smoker box of wood chips. Cook to desired doneness. A touch of black adds extra flavor.
  7. Remove husks from garlic.
  8. Put half of the vegetable in a food processor and puree and chop the other half for texture in your chili.
  9. Cook ground bison low and slow in pan until browned. Pour off any fat.
  10. Add Tequila, Lime Juice and reserved RCB Chili Seasoning.
  11. Add Roasted Vegetables, Ground Bison and Tomato Sauce to a large cooking pot or slow cooker.
  12. Check the doneness of your Bison Brisket, Chuck Roast or Short Ribs. It should fall apart.
  13. Separate out any fat and then shred the meat.
  14. Add juices from cooking Bison Brisket, Chuck Roast or Short Ribs plus the shredded meat to your large pot of chili.
  15. If you want your chili mild, medium or hot you can vary the addition of the Medium Chipotle Sauce (any reserved from step 1), Chipotle Peppers (Finely Chopped) in Adobe Sauce and/or the Green Chiles. Use 1/4 can each for mild, 1/2 can each for medium and 1 whole can each for hot.
  16. Add Liquid Hickory Smoke, Worchester Sauce, Tomato Paste, Orange Juice, Chopped Cilantro, Broth, Chocolate and Salt.
  17. Check flavor and adjust salt and/or the canned peppers.
  18. Serve!
Recipe Notes